Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Unlucky Day.... =(

I'm sitting alone blogging in the cyber cafe, because I send my car for repair just opposite the cyber cafe.
I'm kinda moody now and I think my dad damn pissed off this because of me.
But it's not my fault, ok!!!!
I drove myself to college everyday and I din't notice anything weird happen to my car because my mum is still driving it yesterday night. So, I drove to college today as usual but I did feel uncomfortable with my car this morning. After I pass through the toll, I feel that my car can't balance and move smoothly but I still continue driving. Then, I realise that I need to make a stop because those drivers who drives beside me giving me sign, "something is happening to your tayar!!!"
I was totally shock when I saw the tayar, because it's totally tear off around the ring like someone cut the tayar. Then, I called back home and ask for help. My dad refuse to "rescue" me because he say very JAM!!! I was so scared and worried because I'm alone at the side of the highway and I'm going to be late for class.
At last, I was "rescued" by the LINK Highway guys. (Of course need to give them TIPS la....)
Thats all for today!!! Got to go

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

It's 2010, a brand new year!!!
I hope I can achieve and succeed what I wish for in this year.
I'll try to update what happen last few weeks.
It's X'mas eve today. Went to Sunway for countdown with my highschool mates.
It's New Year Eve, went countdown with my highschool mates and her friends in a place call ALOHA which is located in JALAN P. RAMLEE, KL. It's a cool place and we had a memorable night there.
4/1/10 ~ 8/1/10
I'm having orientation for the whole week in college.
It's fun when you get to know different people from different states and country.
I join the Orientation Trip to ULU LANGAT with those new students for HOSPITALITY course. We had team building activities and some motivation talk there. It's a fun and tiring day.

Monday, December 21, 2009


I have lots to update yet too little time.
Due to the failure internet connection at home, I can't online for 2 weeks.
Damn bored!!! Will update soon...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Singapore Trip ~~~ Day 3

I wake up at 1oam this morning. We had nothing much to do today so my auntie suggest to go shopping.

Before we go for shopping, we went for lunch at the market. I can tell u that Singapore market is damn clean as well as thier toilet.

Rojak Mamak

Today is the night before we going back. So my auntie cook dinner for us.

The table full of yummy foods

After dinner, aunties & uncles went out. We are so bored at home while waiting for the time to past because we booked ticket to watch THIS IS IT. So, ,my cousin suggest to cam-whore a little.

This is Ham Ham.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Singapore Trip ~~~ Day 2

Hey guys... Finally I have time to update about my trip. Sorry for waiting so long.
This morning we wake up at 5am because we need to visit an island called KUSU ISLAND. This island is famous with thier temple and this is also the main purpose we went there to pray. We took the bus then MRT "aka LRT" then bus again to get to the port. We reach there at 7am.

The morning view of the port.

We can have dinner in this ferry

This is my auntie who stay in Singapore. She's our tour guide as well. She her face expression??? I wonder what is she talking at that time.

Yeah~~~ Finally we reach KUSU ISLAND

Famous 大伯公 Temple

This temple is at the top of the hill. We need to climb almost 200 step of the staircase to reach there.
Aunties & uncles coming down
When we reach the port after we visited Kusu Island, we saw this large boat and the name is "CHENG HO".
After that, we walk to the China Town in Singapore which is called 牛车水.
The old days lawyer firm
I thought this is somesort of govourment office, but it is a PUB... =.=
We visited this temple called 佛牙寺 in China Town
The outer view of the temple building

We went to China Town Complex for lunch.
After that we went to BUGIS STREET.

BUGIS STREET is a nice place to shop because we can bargain!!! ;-)

Cousin & My auntie

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Singapore Trip ~~~ Day 1

I drive to The Summit USJ alone to collect my new spec. When I arrived there, I only knew that artists from TVB, Hong Kong is going to meet thier fans there. So, I joined the crowd.


I woke up at 5.30am in the morning to get ready and wait for my cousin to arrive because I'm following my aunt & her family to Singapore.
We went to Subang Airport because we are taking FIREFLY. =)



The Refreshment

Me with my new spec

Me ~ Joyce

Bye~~ Malaysia

The Clouds
It just took an hour to reach Singapore.

After we rest for a while in my aunt's house, she bring us for lunch at the hawker centre nearby her house.

Chicken Rice
Around 7pm, we start our journey. First we went to this temple called 洛陽大伯公宫.
I'm so surprise when I saw this ice-crem vending machine. LOL
I think Malaysia don't have this machine yet.

The machine will pick up the ice-cream for you.
Next, my uncle brought us to Orchard Road to see the Christmas decorations.





PARAGON (looks like PAVILLION, hor)


After that, we went for dinner and we slept at 12am.
Day 2 to be continue...